Similar to paint, lighting is a personal preference which sets the mood for each room, and the final result would be a reflection of your personality. When choosing a lighting option consider the function that it will serve such as; ambience, task oriented, softness or brightness.

In some cases you may want to keep your options open by not installing an overhead light. This is evident in a lot of living rooms,where in place of overhead lights a switched outlet is provided. This provides the opportunity to change your lighting design on a regular basis by utilizing free standing or table top lamps. These can be found in many designs to suit your decorating needs.

Did you know that the first lamp was invented around 70,000 BC. Someone possibly took a natural object such as a shell and filled it with straw and animal fat and called it a lamp (lamp comes from the Greek word Lampas which means torch). This should provide a good point for discussion with guests if a lamp is used.


This type of lighting would be an ideal option for above the staircase and for the formal living or dining area. Choose the size of chandelier wisely, sometimes people tend to purchase a chandelier without considering the décor that surrounds it or the amount of space available. In many cases builders would not properly centre the light mount above the staircase or even in the dining room.

Our team can help move those light mounts to a position that would better suit your style and décor. In some cases the positioning of your dining furniture may also dictate a change of location of the lighting fixture.

Chandeliers can come in a variety of different styles from simple candle design to expensive crystal varieties.

Flush Mount

Flush mount ceiling light is exactly as it sound, it is installed flushed to the ceiling! This type of lighting is ideal for the bedroom or hallway. There are hundreds of flush mounts to choose from and they come with different types of finishes such as; chrome, nickel, bronze, satin nickel, white, brass/antique, pewter, black, steel, polished nickel etc. The prices range from as low as $15 to the high hundreds.

Semi Flush

Semi flush lighting is generally a few inches away from the ceiling, this makes it a better option ,light can escape through, rather than the light being absorbed by the shade as in the flush mount style. This style of light can be used in basically any room in the house. The prices also range as low as $15 to high hundreds. It also comes in a wide variety of finishes and colours similar to the flush mount.

Pendant & Island Lighting

This type of lighting would be a perfect choice to install in the kitchen or dining room. It hangs from the ceiling suspended by a cord or metal rod. Pendant lighting can be hung as a single light and are available in multiple strands. Multiple pendant lighting can be hung over a kitchen countertop or island. This type of lighting has become very popular and a fashionable choice for the modern home. There are various styles that can be chosen such as; contemporary, modern, traditional, crystal accent, tiffany, vintage etc.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed or pot lighting is another popular and trendy choice for lighting in the home. This type of lighting is flushed to the ceiling and is installed in a hollow opening. The light is projected downward. There are two parts to this light, the trim and the housing. The trim is the outer part that is visible, it can be found in different colours such as white, cream, black or stainless steel. The housing is the part that is installed inside the ceiling that encases the bulb and electrical wires. Some housing can be very bulky and would require a deep enough ceiling. Our team can help you decide if pot lighting is an ideal option for your room.

Directional Spot Lighting

Directional spot lighting is similar to recessed lighting where the lights are projected downward, this light has the flexibility to move in different directions to highlight the décor in a room or features on the wall. Spot lighting is ideal for study rooms, offices or over the sink. It can also be used over picture frames or tapestry.

Light bulbs

Traditionally, incandescent bulbs have been used in most homes. These bulbs are inexpensive and readily available. They emit a warm yellow light and are available in a clear or frosted finish. Use of these light bulbs have started to dwindle, mainly because it is less energy efficient than some of the newer type of bulbs available in the market.

Fluorescent light bulbs are a bit more energy efficient and can last longer than incandescent bulbs. These bulbs come in a variety of different styles to accommodate a wide range of different lighting options including the screw in type, like the standard lamp sockets. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are a lot more efficient than any other type of light bulbs. This type of light is also longer lasting and is available in a series of different styles. One tip to consider when purchasing a light bulb is to look for the Energy Star symbol.

Did you know that the light bulb was invented in Canada by Henry Woodward. Unfortunately, he and his partner Evans did not have the financing, so they sold the rights to Thomas Edison who commercialized it.

Our team can help you decide and install the right lighting for your space. Take a look at our Design Pages for more ideas on lighting.