A kitchen can easily become the focal point of your home.

Kitchen renovation cost can vary widely based on the style, choice of material and appliances. Some areas that may greatly affect cost would be cabinet type, relocation of appliances, structural changes, countertop type and tiles. Changing to granite or quartz countertop and the addition of backsplash, some glass doors and crown moulding can greatly enhance the look of any kitchen.

The addition of an island provides an elegant touch to most modern kitchen renovations. Choosing the right faucet, sink and lighting provides both functionality and complements the style. Of course the choice of cabinets and countertop becomes a difficult topic when balancing style and budget. Cabinet prices start with the cheapest material, melamine (typically used in basements), and increases progressively from thermofoil to compressed wood and gets really pricey for better material such as oak and maple.

Kitchen floors are typically tiled, yet recently we have witnessed a new trend of continuing the floor with either laminate or hardwood from the living or dining room. Tile prices would vary from as low as $1.49 per square foot to over $30.00 per square foot for more exotic varieties. Generally, if granite or quartz is used for the countertops the floor tiles should not be the cheapest.

If you are redoing all your flooring and decided to use hardwood throughout you may want to choose a harder material such as Brazilian walnut or teak (Cumaru). The harder woods may be more durable for occasional moisture and for the occasional dropping of a pot or other heavy items.

To complete the ambiance you may want to consider a light valence with under-cabinet lighting. These lights are inexpensive and combine good functionality with style and elegance.

Task or spot directional lighting for kitchens is advisable as it will help in areas where you need lighting the most. Over the stove, or at the sink may be two areas where lighting can be focused. Pot lighting has recently become a popular choice for kitchens. Many pot lights can accommodate LED bulbs to save on energy costs. If using LEDs ensure that the correct ones are chosen for your application, e.g. dimmable, daylight etc.

Selecting the correct paint type is an important part of kitchen renovations. It is advisable to select a mildew resistant paint with a satin or semi-gloss finish as these paints are easier to clean and they also reflect light so you get a lovely shine in the kitchen.

Take a look at our Design pages to get better ideas for your Kitchen renovation. New ideas would be added to our site periodically, so if you do not see what you are looking for please return at a later date for more options. Remember that we can customize most areas of your kitchen, so if you have a dream kitchen in mind or simply want your existing kitchen to look like a million dollar kitchen give us a call.

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