Renovation may be based on specific needs, remodelling for fun or lifestyle changes. We have helped clients who had to upgrade their homes to accommodate additional family members, clients who simply desired a change to their existing design and one client who just needed the best home theatre in his basement. In other instances we have helped people who had to do repairs due to emergencies, natural disasters or by request of the City’s by-law officers.

You may have your own reason for renovating. Whatever the reason, we are there to help guide you with the design and to complete the project to your satisfaction. Initially we would listen to better understand your requirements. We would then advise on best practices to maximize your space, provide energy efficiency whenever possible and best design options to complete the job within your budget.

We provide a single point of contact to manage all aspects of your project.

Once an agreement is signed our price does not change unless you change the scope of work.

Don’t get boxed in by the big box stores!!!

Many aspects of your project can be custom built.

Kitchen cabinets, counter tops, islands, bathroom vanities, bathtub skirts, fireplace mantles, bookcases, closets, pillars and arches are some common items that can be custom built.


If you have an idea or dreamt of your perfect home call us to help make it happen.