Modern his and her’s vanity. Mirrors are elegant but may be a bit small for proper functionality. Simple traditional lighting fixtures in this bathroom design.

Unique craftsman style custom vanity. Nice tiled accent on both sides of large mirror. Vanity base would need to be removable to facilitate faucet repairs.

Space saving vanity design is ideal for a smaller bathroom layout. Modern redo but maintains a classic look with the antique wood vanity and mirror. Faucet design also reflects some history.

Beautiful layout and nice use of marble in this contemporary bathroom design. Lots of drawers, large mirror and nice blend of lighting fixtures. Accent cove adds richness.

Modern bathroom design with traditional styled vanity and linen storage. Light fixtures provides additional traditional flair. The installation of a bidet maintains a European feel to this bathroom makeover project.

Vessel type vanity with the faucet mounted on the side achieves a very rich style for this contemporary bathroom makeover. Very rich use of grays and white.

L shaped vanity with very large mirror to provide extra depth to this elegant bathroom design. Wood colour doors and border tile design helps to maintain a traditional look. Notice the wall mounted faucets.

Dream vanity provides space for everything imaginable. Instead of looking at yourself when washing hands why not check out the outdoors. A bathroom layout design that would require a lot of space. Another for the million dollar home.